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Practice Areas

Vacation Ownership

 "We shoulder your burdens!"

Atlas Attorney represent owners of vacation timeshares and travel clubs who have been victimized. Unfortunately, deception is the rule rather than the exception in the timeshare industry. We are led by an attorney with experience in corporate law, real estate, administrative law, consumer services, and government remedies. 

We represent our clients first and help them find solutions that work with their interests in mind. Unlike some companies out there who are only out to get your money.  We also help our clients find solutions and reputable companies in the industry that deliver on their promises

Family Owned Business - Corporations 

"Understanding the legal needs of entrepreneurs and their families"

Small business owners fear the costs of consulting with an attorney. Unfortunately, that fear ends up costing them more money in the long run. As a business owner and sales consultant before opening his firm, James understands sales drives business and can help you mitigate risks and create solutions that do not become a barrier to the sales process. 

James understands the laws that impact small business and help them bring more control to their business operations and help them avoid legal and practical risks that could impact their company.  We have represented small businesses from around the country offer many consultations over the phone - saving you money and expense.  Our clients say that our flexible approach and creative options helped them reach their financial and personal goals.